20141217 Johan on Hundsjön 01Hundsjön has become one of our favorite lakes for fishing Arctic Char in the winter. This lake has crystal clear water. depths down to 35 meters, and in addition to the stocked fish there is also some reproduction in the lake. The lake is also big enough that the locals with their extensive over fishing have never managed to fish out all the fish within a year of fishing.This means that there always is a fair chance of catching a larger fish.




20141216 First fish next to my rodStråsjön is one of the lakes that is at the highest elevation in the immediate area. It is a beautiful little lake that contains Brown trout, Perch and Burbot. The local fishing administration also stocks some arctic Char in this lake. Johan, His mother, Sonia and I will be going together to try our luck here. The weather is not promising. very much the same as the day before. Wind and snow. When we get to the parking it is snowing quite heavy. It was still quite dark when we got to the fishing spot, so I was glad that I had remembered to rig my line with the attractor light. Not long after getting my line in the water my effort payed off.




20141215 First Arctic Char of the seasonThe 15'th of December is a day marked on my calendar. This is the day when all the local lakes open for fishing after Brown trout and Arctic Char. If I am not working on this day I do everything that I can to get out fishing. This year we have an extra good opportunity as we have not got any snow yet. This means that we can get to the lakes and ponds that one otherwise would need a snow scooter to get to. Personally I haven't been able to afford a snowscooter yet, so making use of the snow free roads is a must.




20141212 Sunrise over the treetopsJohan contacts me on Facebook, wondering if i would like to join him on a venture to check out some "forgotten" ponds in the forest. Neither of us has heard of anyone fishing there before this summer and then it was Johans brother that had caught a three lb Perch in one of them. He couldn't remember which, and there where five ponds right next to one another there, so it could be any one of them. A venture like this makes the fishing so much more exciting, and some times we even find a really good spot that we can take guests with us to.