P1091130I know that most people only fish during the summer, and most of those that fish during the winter will only go out whe the temperature is no colder than -15C. For us Countryfishers Ice fishing is something we do no matter how cold it is. Fact is that the Arctic Char usually bite best when the weather is nice with clear skies, and clear skies often mean cold weather. At least when you are in Härjedalen.



PC221001Sun is on it's way up. Perch are fun, they are also good eating, but they are small, and you need a lot of them for a meal. Well, that is what they say. Here the perch are not that small. At least not if you know where to look for them. The trick is to find the ponds and lakes that are a little walk from the road. Most of the local anglers are lazy, and don't fish in other lakes than they can walk to. Perch and pike are common fish here, found in virtually everywhere, so why walk 500m or further to get to a fishing spot. Personally I would rather walk that distance and have a great day with lots of fish than to go to the regular spots where everyone else is.


20151217 The ice thundering echos in the hillOpening day came December 15'th, and i got tripped the last minute from fishing and ended up spending the day at the doctors office with my daughter that had twisted her arm. Never imagined that they could be so slow at the doctors office. We where their first patient of the day, and it took one and a half hour before they let us in. Then a Nurse looked at my daughters arm, before another two hours of waiting for the doctor. By the time we got out from there it was too late to go fishing. In stead I went home and got some work done in stead. Then Wednesday I was all ready to go, just minutes before I was to be picked up by Sonia, and the local school calls, asking if I could step in for a teacher that was ill. Just bad luck I guess, but Wednesday evening I was so tired and put out that I actually was grumpy. Now, finally I'll get out there together with a couple friend. Hopefully.

20151213 Anglers on the IceThe 12'th of December Sonia calls me and says that now it is time for me to take out my ice fishing gear If I already haven't done so. My gear is already by the door I say. I've been planning to go ever since the ice on the ponds was safe. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to go before now. Where are we going ?.
"To Digertjärn", she says. Quite surprised I ask if it allowed to go there yet ? Season within this administrative area isn't supposed to start until the 15'th.