20180222 02My spouse pursuaded me to start using Instagram a few weeks ago. Well, as said, as done. I started posting some of my earlier photo's to the site, and also shared them to my facebook account. I also have remembered to add some hash tags so people can find me. The response has been overwhelming lots of people have liked and commented my photo's. something that means a lot to me as I use only a small instamatic camera, and no professional equipment when taking photo's. I am no professional at taking photo's either, but I do my best, and I am satisfied with the results comparing to the equipment I use. 

20180222 01One of the more fun responses to my photo's was when a manufacturer of fishing equipment asked me if I would like to test their new lure. I like the design of the lure just seing the photo's of it, but what's special with the lure is that is has a small electronic device built in. When the lure enters the water the electronic device gets triggered, and after a few seconds the lure starts to buzz, and an internal light starts to flash. This ads extra attractant to the lure and most likely also more strikes. Lures with rattles, lights, and buzzers in them have made before, so what's speciel with this one ? Well, while other lures either have a built in battery that is used up after a while, resulting in the lure being tossed, or They have some battery compartment that allowes you to change the battery, but that starts to leak after some use, this one has as rechargable battery. To charge the battery you connect two clamps to the two belly hooks. The clamps are connected to an USB plug. This allows you to use a power bank or any common USB outlet to charge the lure. While charging there is a red light that glows in the lure. 

I intend to test the lure during several fishing trips, but that won't be until summer. I did however get in a short trip to the river, just to test how the lure swims, and the light and vibration function. We are having a cold winter this year, so there has not been much open water to speak of, and the open water that we do have is quite unacessable as it has unsafe ica around it. One small patch of open water was foundunder a small bridge, and this allowed me to access it. 
The patch of open water was just large enough to cast a lure in. It was however impossible to get a camera under the water to film the action of the lure, so I had to satisfy my self with only taking a couple photo's. 

20180222 03Can't really say much more than that I will test the lure later in the spring when spring fishing starts, and then I will get some decent film footage of the action as well. I can say though, that you can actually feel the lure vibrate while fishing with it, and the action of the lure is somewhat slower than what many other lures of this size has. This is due to the lure being a bit heavier with all the electronics, and the battery. It will however still attract fish, and for the Nordic countries I believe this will mean especially Pike as they often like lures with a slower action.