20170115 01

Even if the winter has been a bit too warm compared to what's normal here, we have had some nice weather, and this always gets me to long for some fishing. I know I should be staying at home finishing off orders, but I can't help it. i got to go catch some fish, so lately I have been working early in the morning, and late in the evening, and running off fishing during the day.  For some time Sonia and I had been talking about testing out Digertjärn, and exploring the fishing spots there better, so today we decided to start our day there. 

20170115 00We fished for about an hour on Digertjern before we started to get bored. I had caught one rainbow trout. besides that the pond seemed to be dead. Both Sonia and I wanted more action so we decided to head up to the dam to try for some perch, or whitefish. On our way up to the dam we made a small pit-stop for a cup of coffee, and for Sonia to pick up her perch fishing rods. When fishing perch, both Sonia and i use small balalaika rods that I modify with my own special tip. This makes them more sensitive, as well as handier to take with us and to control. The result is of course more fish. I also some times use the Deeper fish finder to locate the fish. Following a school of perch is not easy, and after some time fishing you get a lot of holes in the ice. Eventually you will loose the school of fish, and using the fish finder, i walk from hole to hole, dipping the fish finder in and examining the readout to see if there is a fish under the ice. when i find a hole with a fish it is just to drop the line in. Today was kind of an playing around day, so we stopped on the far side of the river where a strip of ice forma along land every winter. We usually catch lots of roach here, but today I only caught one, and Sonia none. We did however pull up a couple 2 inch perch, and a few eating size whitefish before going over to the other side of the river where we usually go when we fish here. The bay covered with ice is not big. Maybe the size of a soccer field. In the one corner we see a guy fishing. Sonia knows him, and says that he is fishing small roach and perch for his chickens. She heads directly out to where he is sitting, but before she leaves I tell her to come over where I am going, because that's where the big fish are. 
20170115 06I pick my spot carefully where I know the big fish come in to feed on small fish. The current in the water is fairly strong here, so the line doesn't go straight down the hole, but gets pulled off under the ice a little. 
It doesn't take many second before I pull up the first little perch. A little alter a small roach is pulled out of the hole. Now Sonia comes over and starts fishing in the hole I made for her. It doesn't take long before I hear some swearing behind me. She's pulled up a small fish, and got the line tangled in her feet and gloves while trying to get the line back in to the water. Eventuallu she gets by without my help, but only a second or two later she shouts as she pulls a nice perch out of the water. I told you the big ones are here as well, I say. But now they've stopped biting here, so I'll make a few more holes.
I make a few more holes, then pick one on the other side of Sonia to fish in. After pulling a few "minnows" up, I suddenly fool my self by giving jark at what turns out to be something much bigger. A nice 500g (1,1lb) Whitefish comes up from the hole. I pull up a couple more small fry, and then a nice eating size perch, a few more small ones, and get something really big on that manage to spit out the jig after a few minutes fight. 
20170115 07By now Sonia has moved to a new hole, and shouts that she ahs something big on. Snap ! Her line breaks before she can see what it was. She takes out another rod, drops the jig in, and secures the rod before coming over to try a hole behind me. Seconds after she shouts "help". A big whitefish ahs taken her hook #16 jig, and is so big that it gets stuck in the hole. Luckly whitefish are narrow over the back, so I manage to lure my hand down along the side of the fish, but I can't get below it to pull it up. I end up having to take the fish by a lip grip. Something very difficult as the fish has such a small mouth that I barely manage to get my one finger in it's mouth. In addition Whitefish have no teeth, so I am pinching as hard as I can to the slimy, rubbery lips of the fish. Somehow the fish comes up, and Sonia gets so exhited that she shouts of joy about her catch to the other guy on the ice. Shhhhh, I say. don't tell all of Sveg or we'll loose our good spot tomorrow. You know, Sweds are like perch. When one finds something good he'll tell the rest of the school of fish, and soon everyone is there gobbling up all the good stuff, and they all end up jealous on one another because they think the other guy got a bigger bite than they did. 
Moments later my spouse calls and wants me to come home. the sun is about to dip down behind the dam anyway, so we head back to the car. All the small fish are given away to the other angler, so he has food for his chickens. Right before he leaves he asks Sonia where he can get one of those small rods that she was using. She turns and nods to me. "You can ask matthew, because I get them from him". I tell him that he can drop buy our place any time. "I customize the balalaika rods so they are like the one Sonia was using". "My favorite is however this one", I pull a rod out of my pack, and I show him how it works.