The years first. Ice fishing has not exactly been my strong suite. The west coast of Norway usually is too warm for ice fishing. However, some years will provide a decent cold period, so I am not completely novice to the concept.





When living in central Sweden, and promising the local tourist association that one will take the job as a sports fishing guide, I found it very necessary to do some ice fishing.  I contacted one of my fishing buddies here in Sweden. His name is Göte, and and what Göte likes best of all, is ice fishing. He has lived in the area almost half his life, and he knows just about every lake, pond and river. He also knows everyone who is anything when it comes to fishing in this part of the country.

We had been waiting for months to go fishing on the ice, and where now as ready as could be for a good fishing trip.

Snowy weather

We had discussed different fishing tactics, equipment, and bait. I had been listening, and learning as much as I could, and adding a little of my own experience from fishing in Norway. Well, with a head full of theory, a back pack full of equipment, and lots of hope, we set off. The destination was Akerstjärn.

Akerstjärn is a small forest pond that the owners stock with fish. This year they had released 500kg of nice Char. the biggest being about 1 kg, and the smallest some few hundred grams. The fishing licence cost 100,- Sek, and we where allowed to catch four fish each. I didn't really like this bag limit. I am used to learning the average size of fish where I am fishing, and releasing the ones that are above average.

I soon learned the reason for the bag limit. Walking down to the pond I heard a snow scooter roar, passed a stand where they where selling Hot dogs, and hamburgers (Yes, in the middle of the forest), and on the ice there where at least 200 people scattered all over the ice. Just about everyone was fishing. The weather this day was not at all it's best, but this did not seem to put a brake on peoples mood. There where children running around and playing, and a big scooter roaring around between the people fishing. Common for everyone fishing was that they where  staring down a hole in the ice. Well, Here it goes, I thought, Found a nice spot, drilled a hole, and dropped my spoon and leader with fly larvae on, down in the water. We where late compared to most of the others there, and several had already caught fish. I fished for at least an hour without catching anything. Drowning the one fly larvae after the other. I tried all the tricks I knew from before, and then some. Göte was also disappointed. Neither he had even got a nibble. 

I decided to take a pause. stuck my rod firmly in the snow, and went offer to Göte for a little chat, and a drink of coffee. on my way back i noticed my rod bouncing like crazy. A fish had taken my bait. I quickly tossed away everything that i had in my hands, and grabbed my line. After a little struggle I landed a beautiful 600g char.

Now it was Göte's turn. Frustrated that the "novice" fisherman had out fished him, he started to try different holes. After about an hour, a beautiful char struck is lure, and was landed. The fish was almost 800g. A great start of the ice fishing season.