Stone age fish hooksFish hooks are a facination to many anglers. They have been in use since the stone age, and the veriatiy of hooks on the market is near endless. I get a lot of questions about hooks, and a lot of comments from people that think they know a lot about hooks too. I won't say that I am an expert on hooks, but I do know a little, and I hope I can clear up some missunderstandings, and myths about fish hooks. Maybe my information can help a little in your choice of hooks for your fishing as well. The standards for fish hooks where most likely set by the brittish hook manufacturers during the 18'th century. Most of the world are now folowing these standards, though specially asian hook manufacturers will often use the measurment standards, while their hooks actually deviate from the norms. One typical example is that Spade eyed hooks often are called flat eyed, or hook sizes may not actually follow the standard (example, a size 10 hook will actually match the size of a hook 11 or 9).

The CountryfisherMost anglers seem to think catching fish is all about having the right fly, lure or bait, but this is completely wrong. Of course I'm not saying that what you put on the end of your line doesn't matter, but that it is more important to actually locate the fish. When you have found the fish you will in any case be able to lure the fish to bite. That is is you know how to use your lures, flies and bait in the right way. The sportsfishing business has been focusing more and more on luring the anglers to buy their products than actually making products that catch fish. Personally I try and keep my fishing simple. I might have lots of lures, flies and other gear with me, but I tend to use the same fly, the same lure and the same bait for most of my fishing, with great success. 

20180222 02My spouse pursuaded me to start using Instagram a few weeks ago. Well, as said, as done. I started posting some of my earlier photo's to the site, and also shared them to my facebook account. I also have remembered to add some hash tags so people can find me. The response has been overwhelming lots of people have liked and commented my photo's. something that means a lot to me as I use only a small instamatic camera, and no professional equipment when taking photo's. I am no professional at taking photo's either, but I do my best, and I am satisfied with the results comparing to the equipment I use. 

20180114 Dammen 03Once in a while we experience the fish going totally bananas about our baits. It doesn't happen often, maybe a few times in our lives, but these two days where totally perch gone wild. This winter the ice had not gotten a chance to get that thick before we got snow. the result of early snow is that the snow isolates the ice so it slows down the freezing process. If there is a lot of snow, the ice gets pushed down, and we get water on the ice, that after a period freezes, and gives a second layer of ice on the water. Unfortunately this year we got just enough snow to slow the freezing process, and we didn't get more until january, so no one fished up by the dam until the middle of January. Sonia and Modi where the first, and then Sonia and I went out a trip, but none of us really fished the bay until January 14'th, and then it was Sonia and me that where out.